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Zerry DL – Look At Me Ft. Shallipopi


Look At Me by Zerry DL Ft. Shallipopi

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! Zerry DL – Look At Me Ft. Shallipopi

The song “Look At Me” is a thought-provoking and poetic piece by Zerry DL, a Nigerian singer and performer.


Also, “Look At Me” is a song that appeals to a wide range of musical preferences due to its well-written lyrics and expertly produced sound.

Furthermore, with vocals by the incredibly talented and well-known Shallipopi, the amazing musical creation becomes even more captivating.

Additionally, Zerry DL‘s uniqueness and Shallipopi’s captivating vocals combine to provide an unforgettable live experience.

Those who often listen to music likely have access to the most recent version.

Despite your best efforts, you will inevitably be one of the many people who miss out on this significant achievement.

Listen in and leave your thoughts in the comments section!



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