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Ikechukwu – Touch Your Head Ft. Jesse Jagz & Skales


Touch Your Head by Ikechukwu Ft. Jesse Jagz & Skales

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

The West African Music Association (WAMA) member Ikechukwu just dropped a new song called “Touch Your Head.”


In this brilliant song, he tipped on the musical abilities of very skilled Nigerian music artists and songwriter Jesse Jagz alongside Skales.

In this new melody, hip-hop and Afrobeat blend in a way that creates an intriguing musical collaboration. The song is a memorable listen thanks to its superb songwriting and outstanding production qualities.

Those who often listen to music likely have access to the most recent version.

Despite your best efforts, you will inevitably be one of the many people who miss out on this significant achievement.

Listen in and leave your thoughts in the comments section!



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