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Bob Marley – So Much Trouble In The World Ft. The Wailers, Nutty O & Winky D


So Much Trouble In The World by Bob Marley Ft. The Wailers, Nutty O & Winky D

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Bob Marley, a legendary singer-songwriter from Jamaica, makes a stunning debut with the outstanding composition “So Much Trouble In The World.”


Additionally, the Wailers, Nutty O, and Winky D, three great musicians, contribute their musical talents to this classic album.

Also from his recently released album, “Africa Unite (Album),” comes this fascinating interpretation.

This original, hugely popular song should be in the playlist of every music listener because it is so unique.

However, if you listen to this jam, you could recognize most of the hits.

Finally, “So Much Trouble In The World.” is an excellent addition to Bob Marley’s remarkable discography. This new song is a must-have in your playlist if you enjoy good Afrobeat music or are a lover of good music. Enjoy and stream below!

Listen in and leave your thoughts in the comments section!



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