Unsettlement In Ekiti State University

Panic has arisen in the wide curriculum of the Ekiti state university after  hazardous confrontation trauma erupted between the bike men association and the students.

On the 3rd of October 2021 EKITI STATE UNIVERSITY was in disarray as a bike man was shot by a student who was later rumoured to be a cult member 

The bike man association were angry and proceeded to revenge the death of thier colleague. They took to the school environment, roads, streets armed and furious, attacking innocent students. 

A young male student who escaped thier attack narrated his ordeal; he said :

      ”Hello, I'm gbeja, I witnessed the incident first hand, i left school yesterday along about 4:15pm, as soon as I made my way to the gate I hopped on a bike to IWOROKO uknown to me danger was looming, and  as the bike approaches the junction 2 make a turn to the main road that runs all the way 2 iworoko at dat point i saw some guys physically assaulting and going at loggerhead with bike riders  (cultist i suspected) before i could say Jack Robinson, these unscrupulous elements were charging furiously towards my bike having attacked some bikes, both sides were blatantly wielding cutlasses, rod, wood and all other makeshift weapons as my optics could see, and as they're charging towards my direction, Jesus Mary & joseph! only God knows how I contrived to alight off the bike on motion and made for safety as I was scuttling for a hideout my bag was a heavy weight on me, force slowing down my move. nevertheless, by the skin of my teeth got my self into a tight corner sandwiched in between a tight space @ d back of one shops from there scale a fence to a restaurant, that was the ordeal I ran up against yesterday, though I thank God that I escaped unscathed." 

Fortunately.... there was no record of death although a few students were injured.

Written: 2 weeks ago

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