Real Facts about our youth and lifestyle in Nigeria

Throughout the annual of history youths are seen as the bedrock and leaders of tomorrow of which every society would not like to joke with. Fashion on the other hand means clothing that is in stylent of a particular time.

It is a process of style change because fashion in dress,furniture and other objects have taken very different forms at different times in history.

The level of indecency in our society today is the name of fashion is alarming and distracting that is why many were disturbed because we may not know where it will lead us to the effects of this obscurity is that we are gradually.

Losing our sense of purpose, lack of moral probity which more or less emanates from lack of adequate paternal up bringing.

It is worthy of note that most of these fashion crazy youths are sons and daughters of most staunch Christian parents and many came from decent home. But it is quite unfortunate to mention that many educated elites, parents and clergy men and women seem to keep mute because they gone to Europe or American forgetting that one cannot make abakaliki to become England, nsukka to America or awgw to London without eroding marriage and family institution, the sanctity of life and our other cherished norms, because our life styles and values are not the same as theirs.

At a time like this we should not fold our arms. one way to reduce this ugly menace is that the rebirth of our youth will come from the youth themselves. So the solution is with the youth.

Our youth should always think about their self -esteen and the way they dress. They should know who and what they are in the society.

Written: 4 months ago

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