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Marvel Unveils Black Panther 2 Trailer Watch!
The official trailer for "Black Panther: #WakandaForever," the eagerly anticipated sequel from Marvel Studios, has been published.

The new movie, a prequel to its blockbuster "Black Panther" from 2020, explores the tale of the Wakanda People at a time after the passing of their adored monarch T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman).

As previously disclosed, Boseman's role was not replaced; instead, the new movie is seen as a homage to his legacy.

The lines "The King lives and the Panther... eternally in us..." are written in Wakandan on a mural depicting T'Challa in Wakanda in the first trailer for the movie.

This image appears to be a clip from the teaser that also features Wakandans dancing and singing while dressed in white ceremonial attire.

Watch the trailer here:

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