How To Learn 5 Basics Of Music Production

All things have stages or How they work in which you will follow accordingly to have a perfect result. In other words, Music is a passion, however, some people jump into releasing music without knowing how it works which made them have bad results back.

Meanwhile, so many times some of the professional producers have lacked some of the knowledge which some producers have been using for buoyancy in any music production. we are going to discuss some of the hidden knowledge many music artists don’t know it’s a great trick for all Music artists. Below are the tips. 

Create a chord progression

In other to create a piece of good music you have to follow a chord progression describing, how the song was created will make it easier for the artiste to vibe through the lyrics. With the lyrics, get a cool chord progression first so that the composure would be glaring. It’s not done with haste, calm all your nerves, and get a cool chord progression.

Let the lyrics have a particular point.

Giving the lyrics a particular feeling or describing the feelings one has for a girl, or lyrics showing the pain you one has for a relationship breakup or lyrics telling a story of comics, and so on. These are points that should be singly tackled in lyrics for song production, it depends on one’s choice. Your lyrics should explain one point not combining many in a single song. This is one of the major tips which most don’t know exists, it’s very good we apply them. 

Know your field.

Knowing the fields or part of music one belongs is as well one of the most important strategies, be it hip hop, Afro-pop, gospel, blues, and so on. There should be a particular field for the production of songs. Some of the music artists don’t even know where their song belongs to, it’s pretty much bad. For good music production, there should be a dynamic field, if it Should be pop, let it stay dynamic if should be gospel let it stay constant too. Don’t mix them up. 


Don’t just compose make sure you flow with emotions while singing or composing. A song without the emotion of the singer can never express the singer’s nostalgia. It also helps to make the composure much easier for the singer. Sing with emotions.


After the Composure doesn’t rush for recording, calm all your cells, and practice more. Try singing off without looking at the lyrics, memorize everything, and make a perfect before recording. Don’t mind what may be pushing you to haste, make sure there are perfections before recording. Many songs took months before being released. 

This is the last promising stage, after adding qualities or perfection to a particular song, and is finally ready. Find a good studio and record your songs with great beats.

Written: 1 month ago

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