COVID-19 Pandemic Lessons For Nigeria

 Does a soothsayer hinder the prognosis when sought? A person who fell prey to swindlers did not want the country to fall prey to terrorists.

The Outbreak of coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) which is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus that originated from China; has inflicted a state of general unrest and crisis throughout the world today especially our country Nigeria, which made us have rapt attention to how we see the world we live in, the nature of our country and the modules we took for granted.

This coronavirus  pandemic has made our country Nigeria more intense teaching both those in the upper level and grassroots level a huge lesson, of which every one of us needed to scrutinize and adhere vehemently:

   Nigeria recently has been in a recession that those responsible for boosting the economy have been so reluctant and chose to lie low. The masses have been wailing over a booming economy before the onset of this pandemic which seemed to exacerbate the whole situation.

The government made some restrictions on certain economic activities of the people with regards to limiting the spread of the virus but to the detriment of the masses. With no provision of sufficient supports, many live a miserable and unhappy existence in this crisis. If Nigeria had maintained a buoyant economy, would she find it so hard to render necessary aids to her citizens this time?.

Agriculture, one of the paramount sectors of the economy has never been proper development considerations in as much as it was the leading sector of the economy before the advent of petroleum, but COVID-19 drew our attention to the importance of food production and food security, despite the vast expanse of land in Nigeria we are still faced with a low level of food production. Having no storage facilities for food preservation, impoverished infrastructures for farming, lack of mechanized farming; led to insufficient provisions of food for masses in this perilous time. I wonder what will become of many if this lockdown goes on like this for long.

Our Education system; a caricature was made that overseas students engaged themselves in finding solutions towards the virus outbreak while we Nigerian students stayed home. I did love to opt out of this point because we can make sense of every nonsense. Is it that our students are not capable or that the government has not provided the needful and therefore has no trust in the students they nurture? But we still need to trace this issue down to the degradable level education has been brought to in Nigeria. Nevertheless, our students could have been given a chance to show their competencies of whether they could proffer the solutions, all inventions are a product of trial and error.

Crime diary during this lockdown is becoming voluminous. In Lagos and Zamfara states,  people were raped, robbed in massive, this can be out of hunger and frustration, though I am not trying to justify the case it could be the fact. Many lives were even taken by law enforcement personnel when trying to forcefully uphold the lockdown policy, joblessness and hunger are attributed to causes of crimes, with many of our youths with the mindset "there is no job in Nigeria", it will be hard to avert the crimes. It can still be possible if the right attitudes are inculcated, our youth will cleave to morality.

This COVID-19  discloses the inappropriate and appropriate responses of our leaders in protecting our lives, developing the working solutions, and betterment of our country. Should we place our leaders in good governance? Well, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it obvious where to place them. Many atrocities committed are from the ruler and the ruled, who is to blame?. Nigerian leaders possessing all good leadership qualities will keep the country in a stable state no matter the circumstances, they just have to make the goodwill and the citizens will make a good way!

Globally, Nigeria is different from other nations, other countries' tactics and ideological context of developing their countries are not like ours. An instance of when other countries were fumigating their nations in a massive way due to the pandemic outbreak, we could not render an immense service to that, let us realize where we are, those nations we are supposed to be better than, are handling issues in their countries at a good rate.

Nigeria has to be relieved from this predicament which the virus has suggested to us by reforming the economic and business modules we neglected.

The government should establish an enabling environment for a buoyant economy. They should set a plan of constructing a grand land for agriculture as the planting season is here already. Provision of storage facilities for reservation of foods, Roads for farming for effective transportation of agricultural products, the modern technologies needed to unlock our dead capital should be provided. The provision investment needed in the educational system should be done. Furthermore, the opportunity for crimes will reduce once there is job creation. Young people should be equipped with the skills needed to create jobs because skills have become an important enterprise. Those still in criminality should be handled by well-equipped and felicitous security.

Written: 1 month ago

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